original Zipfybob since 1976 - mini bob made in Germany

Quality made in Germany since 1976

The mini bob has been showing what it can do for 40 years now. Born of ideas and creativity in Austria in the 1970s, the mini bob, also known affectionately in the Alpine region as the “Zipflbob”, lives on today thanks to the ideas and creative inspiration of the enthusiastic fan community. However, one thing has been paramount right from the start… MAXIMUM FUN for young and old alike with the original mini bob.

mini bob - der originale zipflbob Zipfelbob

mini bob - Why the original? not buy a copy?

Successful and unchanged since 1976

Since its development in the 1970s, the mini bob has gone through many evolutionary stages to reach the form – the perfection – that it has maintained unchanged to the present day.

The mini bob has been manufactured in this perfected design in Germany since 1976. Even back then, function, design, durability and environmental compatibility were all taken into account in choosing the material and in production.

Consequently, the mini bob has an ergonomic seat shape and a perfectly formed handle, ensuring maximum fun and safety for the young and the young at heart.

Thanks to its control stick and its special shape, the mini bob can be steered with precision and is quick and easy to master. Its intuitive control method means that it delivers riding enjoyment in abundance from the very first minute.

In terms of the material, it was ensured that the mini bob was phthalate-free (no plasticisers) years before the introduction of relevant legislation. To this day, the mini bob continues to pass the strictest material and safety tests without any problems.

Recently honoured with the Bob.art Industry Award 2014

It is not just in Formula One that a combination of weight, speed, stability, perfect balance and design is a guarantee of victory!

In contrast to copies of our product, this guarantee has been applied to the original mini bob right from the start. This means that you are guaranteed to have the most fun possible and ride safely at the same time.

Invented in Austria - Made in Germany

Since its invention in the 1970s, the mini bob has been manufactured exclusively in Germany. This ensures that the exacting requirements on this high-quality product are fulfilled, thereby guaranteeing users the maximum in safety and service life.

The original mini bob is a quality product to be enjoyed for generations – not just a boring old plastic toboggan.

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06.12. – 08.12.2019 ZIPFLBOB WM RADIO RAMASURI / RADIO GALAXY SKI-OPENING 2019 6 – 8 DECEMBER 2019 Galtür launches into winter Already can’t wait to finally strap on your skis and make your first tracks in the snow? When the first flakes fall, there’s no stopping you? Then you’ll want to celebrate the start of the winter season in style – and we have the perfect event for that! At the beginning of December, the big Radio Ramasuri/Radio Galaxy Ski Opening takes place in Galtür with a programme that will thrill ski bunnies and party bees alike. In addition to ski action at its best, the main focus is on pure entertainment. DJs and live bands provide a top atmosphere throughout the weekend. There’s hardly a more exuberant way to ring in the winter! The ski opening at a glance Date: 6 – 8 December 2019 . Highlights: Zipflbob World Cup, live concerts at the huts, après-ski party . Friday, 6 December 2019. Welcome Party with DJ in the Pyramid & in the Bivouac 66 . Saturday, 7 December 2019 Skitest all day Unplugged hut party tour in the ski area with live band . XXL-Aprés-Ski Party in the Huberstadl:…

Schneider Weisse-Zipfybob Downhill in Piesendorf

Start of the Zipflbob World Series on 12 January 2008 05.01.2008 Kelheim/Piesendorf: Zipflbob fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the racing season. The World Series kicks off on Saturday, 12 January 2008 in Piesendorf, an Austrian community in Pinzgau in the Salzburger Land. Schneider Weisse is participating as a partner. Young people and adults can take part, even without previous experience and without their own Zipflbob. At the Schneider Weisse Zipflbob Downhill Race in Piesendorf, participants compete against each other in an individual time trial on the Nagelköpfel. In two runs, the starters lay the foundation for a good placing in the overall classification and for their World Cup ranking. The races are held in the men’s, women’s and youth categories. In the adult class, the 30 best in each class will be classified for the finals. In the youth class, the first World Cup winners of this season will be determined in one run. Registration will take place directly on site, on the day of the event from 09:30. Afterwards there will be time for training. At 11:00 a.m. the youths will start, at 12:00 p.m. the adults will go to the start. According to the motto “WINTERFUN…

The comeback of the mini bob

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t remember the little fiery red runabout – the mini bob – from their childhood days. Declared a children’s toy for years, it is now making its way into trend sports! In Austria, the minibob celebrated its revival as the “Zipflbob” and is now conquering Germany for itself. The sports sled with style, that’s the Zipflbob! Whether man or woman, old or young, everyone will have fun riding the Zipflbob. The Zipflbob originated as a snow slide in the 70s. But it was not until the 1990s that it achieved cult status as a mini bob, thanks to some Kitzbühlers who used it to conquer the mountains in the Alps. With the daredevil efforts of the Kitzbühlers, the Zipflbob sport was born. The fan community around the minibob grew steadily, so that in 2000 the first national championship was held in Austria. The increasing popularity of the Zipflbob in recent years is due, among other things, to its tracking accuracy, controllable steering and, last but not least, its speed. The official speed record is 139 km/h, which makes for an enormous fun factor among its fan community and has made it the most popular alternative…

Tobogganing in the Bavarian Ammergau Alps Nature Park

What could be better than spending time in nature? You can have a lot of fun with the mini bob in winter and in the most beautiful regions of the Alps – in the Ammergau Alps, every tobogganist will find his or her route.   All information and also overnight accommodation at: https://www.ammergauer-alpen.de/ Image: Ammergauer Alpen GmbH Photographer: Martin Doll            

Dammkar – Zipfybob Gaudi Event 2020

Zipfybob Gaudi Day 2020 at the Dammkar After the Zipflbob Gaudi Day has already become a tradition, the Zipflbob Gaudi Day 2020 will also take place this year on 07.03.2020 at the Karwendelbahn mountain station. We hope for perfect conditions, fast descents and a great time. As every year, the event starts at 10 a.m. and the descent is exclusively open to Zipflbob riders until the evening. You can get up the mountain with the Karwendelbahn, starting at Alpenkorpsstr. 1 in 82481 Mittenwald. Impressions from 2018 on our YoutTube channel:  

Dammkar – Zipfybob Downhill 2022

If you want to know whether the original mini bob can withstand anything, you should take a look at the Burschn from Mittenwald, who conquer the Dammkar every year. (Of course, we strongly advise you not to try it again!) There, where even in winter only experienced skiers dare to descend, the Burschn traditionally toboggan down into the valley in local costume, whether on ice or, in an emergency, just scree. This year, in the best weather, almost 30 brave Burschn.