mini bob zipflbob in rot

Availability Zipfybob – Original mini bob

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, as well as the current poor availability of raw materials, there will unfortunately be bottlenecks in availability again this year. Currently, there is only the “classic” Zipfybob – Original mini bob in the colour red. For the 2021/22 season, the colours blue and pink are still planned and should…

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Dammkar Zipfybob 2020

Dammkar – Zipfybob Gaudi Event 2020

Zipfybob Gaudi Day 2020 at the Dammkar After the Zipflbob Gaudi Day has already become a tradition, the Zipflbob Gaudi Day 2020 will also take place this year on 07.03.2020 at the Karwendelbahn mountain station. We hope for perfect conditions, fast descents and a great time. As every year, the event starts at 10 a.m.…

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Dammkar – Zipfybob Downhill 2022

If you want to know whether the original mini bob can withstand anything, you should take a look at the Burschn from Mittenwald, who conquer the Dammkar every year. (Of course, we strongly advise you not to try it again!) There, where even in winter only experienced skiers dare to descend, the Burschn traditionally toboggan…

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