Zipfybob Riding Instruction

Learning to safely master the mini bob takes no time at all!

First, try it out and familiarise yourself with the technique on a gradual slope before you take your mini bob down any steep drops – and help children to learn!

For beginners:

Braking: Pull the control stick towards you (at this point, only the trailing edge of the mini bob is used). Keep your upper body upright. Never brake with your feet – use them for stability only!

Steering: Shift your upper body left or right, depending on the direction in which you want to steer – and keep a good grip on the stick at all times!

Riding: Sit comfortably on the mini bob and grip the control stick with both hands. Your legs should rest on the support surface at all times; your feet should not touch the ground while riding.

Tips for pros:

Starting off / flat surfaces: Make sure that you are sitting securely on the mini bob and clamp the control stick between your legs. Now you can use both arms to propel yourself forwards.

Steering: To negotiate tight bends, you can give yourself a little extra steering input by taking the hand on the side in which you want to turn off the stick and stretching it out to the side, lightly touching the snow (before doing so, make sure that you are wearing suitable gloves and look out for potential hazards, such as rocks in the snow).

Speed: Pros reduce aerodynamic drag by shifting their bodyweight as far backwards as possible and stretching out their legs (but please do not let go of the stick!). And that’s how you optimise your riding speed.


Please note:

You do not need to use your legs and feet to manoeuvre. They are for stability only! You can also read our clothing tips in the FAQ. Anyone can control the mini bob safely, because it obeys the commands of its rider, whether young or old. Simply get on and you’re away.

Historical instructions from 1970